"There is something comfortable about knowing that, even in a world of nano-tubes and computer-aided design, The Cannibal - the living representative of cycling's golden age - sometimes throws a leg over a frame in the factory he founded, just to check that the geometry is still absolutely perfect" - Daniel Moore & Richard Benson, "Racing Bicycles"

Engineers solve problems but someone needs to make sure it is the right problem.

Many companies task engineers with making their bikes lighter, stiffer more aero etc. They get to work on the problem and come up with solutions. Prototypes are built and either the bike is more aero, lighter or stiffer and the whole process is deemed a success or a failure based on the final outcome of the initial request for lighter, stiffer more aero. The problem can be when the rubber hits the road, the bike is lighter but is not stiff enough or the bike is stiffer but the ride is uncomfortable or the bike is aero but the handling is sketchy. The engineers missed some thing. They need help.

Who is Eddy Merckx? Why is he the man for the job?

Many of my customers are relatively new to cycling. The history outside of cycling outside of the time they have come in is a mystery, basically the world of cycling started when they discovered it not before. Let's correct that now.

Eddy Merckx is hands down the most dominant male cyclist of all time. 525 race wins in his career, every type event-time trials, mountains, stage races classics, track racing even cyclo cross! 3 time world champion on the road, five Tour de France's, five Giro d Italia's, one Vuelta Espana, 26! classics hour record on the track over the course of a 10 year professional career.

He would have encountered first hand every conceivable condition in both racing and extraordinary amount of miles ridden in training. Snowy mountain roads, rain slicked descents, steep climbs and the worst pavement out there. He knows what it is like! He can tell you by riding he final product whether or not is meets the need of an actual cyclist.

Eddy Merckx's directive: Power, Control, and a Lifetime Warranty

Eddy Merckx bikes are developed with these three things in mind. Power-the frame should be stiff enough to transfer your hard earned fitness and effort into getting the bike moving. This means Eddy Merckx bikes have stiff bottom brackets, twisting at this point just wastes you power.

Control-once you put that power into the bike you need to get the bike going forward and pointed in the right direction. Eddy Merckx bikes are designed to handle great and go where you point them. The geometry has been well thought out for you.

Lifetime warranty-having a stiff great handling bike doesn't matter if it breaks down shortly after getting it. Every Eddy Merckx frame is backed by a lifetime warranty.

But Amos, I don't race, maybe this isn't for me?

Clearly Eddy Merckx focus is on road bikes so if you are looking for a solid bike to cruise around the neighborhood with the kids it probably would not be a first choice but if pavement is your thing look harder at Eddy Merckx.

One common theme with many brands I deal with in the shop is that they have a d focus on developing product for the demanding race market. Professional racers will put on more hard miles than most of us can dream of and the final performance you have can make or break a career. Poor product is quickly replaced by better options. Essentially if it doesn't work get rid of it.

How that works for you. At the time an Eddy Merckx bike is delivered into your hands it has been designed, tested and thoroughly ridden in the most demanding conditions available by the most discerning riders.