The Art of Wool


December 26, 2016

by Amos Brumble

Every ride I head out for starts with the same process-what will I wear today to stay comfortable and perform well in the conditions? In the shop I have your traditional cycling brands such as Castelli; great technical clothing and Assos awesome quality. But I have always felt like there are days when I need something else, something to wear that makes me feel comfortable or more like cozy. This is where Ibex fits into my wardrobe.

I first saw Ibex jersey’s at a race years ago. I thought that’s nice but a little old school looking but it stuck in my mind. Then another time I got an Ibex short sleeve polo to wear in the shop as a present this kept me thinking of them. I kept an eye out for Ibex after I opened my store and would see it here and there. I had a few days vacation in Boston one year and made a point to visit the corporate store that Ibex had there. The staff was friendly and I tried out a bunch of tops both casual and cycling ones and some bib shorts too. I settled on a number of items to purchase which I then brought home to try out with an eye on carrying Ibex in the store if my test went well.

I found myself wearing the clothing almost daily. I enjoyed the comfort vs. the normal feel of a cotton piece of clothing. The colors are mostly muted and I purposely picked dark colors so when I get grease on them at work it is okay. A few other advantages popped up; if I wore the base layer to work when I went to go ride I just left it on and added additional layers to suit the temperature. Another bonus was the clothing doesn’t take on an odor from sweating like my typical synthetic base layers I use. Finally Ibex has a rather large casual wear line, and with all of the hard workouts and stressful days it feels good to have cozy clothing to wear so on most days Summer or other seasons it is what I wear to work.

I’ve been carrying Ibex in the shop for a few years now and feel like there are items for everyone. Base layers and socks are a big hit and surprisingly hats do really well. Casual clothing (think work or evening wear) is steady but I would like to keep growing that a bit. A big standout piece for me is the bib knickers which are a key Fall piece for me. Here is a picture of me below. I wore them on a mid-week cross race where it was 28 degrees and the effort was really high and then a few days later where it was 50 and the pace was more endurance like. I felt like I was dressed perfectly in both conditions.

Technical Info

Above: Super soft, lightweight merino wool outperforms synthetics and cotton year-round. The temperature regulating and moisture managing properties of Merino give you superior comfort. Wool fabrics work with your body, keeping you comfortable in all conditions.

Above: Lots of people are afraid of wearing wool due to some bad info-that it is scratchy. But merino wool is different. The graph shows a comparison between the hair on your head vs. different thicknesses (gauge) of merino wools Ibex uses. The smaller the and finer the wool fiber the softer and more comfortable.

Benefits of Wool

  • Easy Care-wool fights off dirt and stains, when it’s time to clean just wash it on delicate and hang dry. I encourage you to wear it multiple times before washing-trust me it won’t stink! Wool has natural antimicrobial properties (kills the bacteria before it has a chance to make a whiff of an odor)
  • Quick drying- okay not like a synthetic but pretty fast!
  • Renewable- it’s hair! No need to worry about it being around forever.

Product Samples