How to tell when your cycling shorts are worn out When your friends won't tell you

In the shop I sell top quality brands of cycling clothes from Assos and Castelli.  Both of these companies make stellar product but everything has a life cycle, here is how to tell when yours shorts are better off in the trash.

Pad wear

This one is harder to tell from just looking at the shorts but the signs are straight forward; they ones you have had that have worked great are now giving you problems.  A chafe here a saddle sore there it all adds up to one thing, get new ones!  The pad breaks down over times from sitting on it.  That compression is like having a saggy bed, no good.

Fabric wear

This one is the real culprit in my view.  On cheap shorts the pad goes well before the fabric but on quality shorts the pad outlasts the fabric the short is made of.  Signs that your shorts are destined for the bin are baggy fabric, loose at the leg gripper, bib straps aren’t tight and finally the material is see through.  Here are some examples of what to look for.

Those small sections that look furry is where the elastic part of the material is breaking down.  Any place where the shorts are stretching or rubbing this will happen.  If you hold your shorts up to the light you will be able to see the thin spots.  If you see these signs throw them out!!