Ninigret Training Criterium-May 19 2016 Round and Round

Hey Amos,

You missed another fun night of racing bikes down at Ninigret for the NBX Summer Series Training Crit! A few guys (including John Gadrow, Marshall Johnson and you!) were missing from tonight’s action, but I’d like to say we made up for your absence…or at least tried! As a whole, we started sluggish, but riders got twitchy and we were soon chasing down breakaways and riding fast! Mike Podzaline was there chasing down prime’s until he flatted. I was feeling OK tonight, a little sore from riding the day before, but had a go at chasing down my own primes and my share of the work up front…this lead to a breakaway with Jonathan Lowenstein from Clif bar/Pactimo. A third guy joined from NFG and eventually a rider from Blue Hills Cycling Club bridged up to us. We held it for a few laps but were eventually brought back by the field. With ~2ish to go, a guy from Noreast Cycling took off up the road solo. He got caught at the line for 2nd, taken over by a rider from SVC bikeworks (I think). I managed to stay in the top 10-13…cramped up on the final sprint and lost some positioning. Regardless, it was a fun night and I love that these training crits are just a few miles from home! Thanks NBX!!rich ninigret training race